Office Cleaning

No matter what kind of business or service you provide, the environment you and your staff work within is a direct reflection of an organisation's standards and aspirations.

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Has your cleaning company let you down?

Some cleaning companies have a tendency to overstretch their managers and underpay their cleaning staff. This can result in a lack of motivation and interest from the cleaning company as they fight other fires as well as your own. Our Internet based support systems are designed to allow managers to be pro-active in resolving problems and our cleaning operatives are paid significantly above basic wage and benefit from a quarterly bonus scheme that only pays out if you're happy with the service. Only by having effective management and well paid and motivated staff can we excel in our business.

Are your complaints and issues being dealt with effectively?

You might get the feeling with your present cleaning company that they are not treating your issues with any sense of priority or importance. Like all companies, we admit we receive complaints from time to time - after all, this is a complex industry and we work on hundreds of sites across the UK. What we absolutely pledge however is that we will deal with the complaint effectively and promptly. By logging any issue you have through your client specific secure web page any issues received hit our call centre immediately and are then instantly transmitted via SMS to your area manager, and to the cleaning staff themselves.

Are you concerned you are paying too much for your cleaning?

Over time, cleaning costs can rise with inflation or with National Minimum Wage costs, and you might find you feel you are paying too much. You might even suspect that your cleaners are not spending the full allocation of time on site. Clean Genie will work with your budget and try to implement your key requirements into a comprehensive schedule. We fully understand the concept of cost and benefit, and if you want a reduced specification to match a specific budget, we can work with you towards that goal. We can advise on ways to manage your expenditure by identifying which tasks can be reduced to help reduce costs.

Are you considering contract cleaners for the first time?

The entry level for most cleaning companies is 5 hours of cleaning per week, but in our case, our minimum charge is only £30.00 plus VAT for a weekly clean, so whatever your requirement, large or small, we are confident we can help.